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All Woodsy Owl

All Woodsy Owl

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Be Idle Free Keychains

The take away message to help protect the environment is: Be Idle Free! These keychains are appropriate for youth of any age or older. They are ideal to give away to employees during Earth Week.

Invasive Species Teachers Kit

The Insects Invade teacher's package is an educational product to help build awareness among elementary school children (fourth and fifth graders) on the issue of invasive insects. It includes 30 copies of a 12-page full color magazine called "Insects Invade", a teacher's page that has two lesson plans as well as a comment card for feedback. The magazine was developed in conjunction with Scholastic, Inc.

Woodsy Owl Tote Bags

These reusable tote bags are perfect for packaging conservation education materials. With these tote bags, your partners and students can share Woodsy’s conservation messages every time they go grocery shopping. Made of 100 percent recycled materials.

Woodsy Owl's ABC's Supplement Book

The Woodsy Owl's ABC's preschool supplement is for use by educators. Picking up where Woodsy Owl's ABC's book leaves off, it suggests ways that children can start exploring some of the topics in the book. The series of activities and resources can help children explore some of the topics covered in the Woodsy Owl's ABC's book. Through an active involvement with their environment, children will gain an awareness and appreciation of the beauty of the world around them. To purchase the Woodsy Owl's ABC's book look for SKU 99250 (English) and SKU 99328 (Spanish).

Woodsy Owl ABC Teachers Kit

This Woodsy Owl's ABC's teachers kit comes in a colorful portfolio and is intended for use as an introduction to conservation education for children in Pre-K through first grade. Through an active involvement with their environment children will gain an awareness and appreciation of the beauty of the world around them. The kit includes; Woodsy Owl's ABC's book available in English (99250) and Spanish (99328). Reading Woodsy Owl's ABC's book to young children is one way to introduce them to the natural world and to how they can better care for it. Each page offers a letter, word, rhyming verse, and action prompt. Woodsy Owl's ABCs Preschool Supplement (99318). Using the series of activities and resources provided can help children explore some of the topics covered in Woodsy Owl's ABC's book. Woodsy Owl's ABC Songs CD (99308). Singing with the children also helps them learn about caring for their natural world. This CD includes songs to sing with children in classroom, in the home, and in non-formal educational settings. Songs are performed by the Arlington Children's Chorus. Each component is available for order individually on our website.

Woodsy Owl Activity Book

Originally developed in the 1990's, this revised version of the popular teacher's activity guide offers updated illustrations to demonstrate how the eight activities in the book can be developed. Each activity has a description, a purpose and a finding. Each one identifies the materials you need to conduct the activity and gives general instructions on how best to complete the activities inside and outside the classroom.

Woodsy Owl Bags

This sturdy bag is made with white kraft paper and a serrated top and matching twisted paper handles. Bags are made from recycled materials. Perfect for packaging conservation education materials for events. Messages printed on the bag encourage kids to help Woodsy spread the word “Give a Hoot Don't Pollute."

Woodsy Owl Bookmarks

This die-cut bookmark is printed full color on glossy coated card stock. A great handout for large events when visiting schools, libraries and at conservation education activities. "Woodsy's 4R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot!" message is printed on the back.

Woodsy Owl Magnifying Glasses

Woodsy encourages caregivers and teachers to use the outdoors as a learning classroom. This magnifying tool will help children discover and learn while performing "detective work" on a small patch of earth or on a tree trunk. Children will discover all the living creatures that live there. Made from recycled materials.